Want to promote your project? We offer Promoted list, Banner Ad spots and KYC services

Organic Method of Promotion Free

Every time your community members vote for your tokens on your tokens will appear on the top of the page. It will help you show up in the trending and most viewed token lists to thousands of viewers per day.

So just by encouraging your community members to use you get more exposure. Get your community to vote on your project, because votes matter!


Offer Prices

$10 Day Promoted List
$25 Day Wide Banner
$15 Day Tile Banner
$50 Day Push Notification
KYC (Know Your Customer)

Offer Prices

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) - $250 onwards
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of identity verification of the project teams.
  • Project owner will provide us with their personal identification.
  • The project will be verified by Coinraaj or our auditing partners. KYC Badge and the official certification will be provide
  • Request KYC
  • telegramRequest KYC
Accepted Banner Details

Content Size

  • Wide banner 1200x92px
  • Mobile 320x120px
  • Tile banner 320x120px
  • Pop up Banner 1920x130px
  • Mobile 500x130px
  • Max file size 400KB.

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Collaboration and partnership

We always welcome any collaboration and partnership.

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Audit Partner


The security leader for the BNB Chain. StaySAFU is providing tools to invest in DeFI safely. The audits performed by StaySAFU are always complete and especially objective. The audits can be faster than you may think if needed.

  • Safety Label
  • In-depth & Fast Analysis
  • Awareness & Visibility (Ads)

Charting Partners


The next-gen analytics platform for crypto traders combining traditional and alternative data.


Mobula is a decentralized and seamless data aggregator redistributing profit to users and processing data on-chain and a Coinmarketcap web3 alternative.