Please do your own research before joining any airdrops project. Also airdrops are 100% free. Don't send any fee for receiving airdrop tokens. Our ranking is simple Higher votes goes to the top for all to see. Stay Safe
Name Votes
Dapp Play Store - CoinRaaj Dapp Play Store, DPS
Armaldia - CoinRaaj Armaldia, ARMD
MagicCraft - CoinRaaj MagicCraft, MCRT
Faith Tribe - CoinRaaj Faith Tribe, FTRB
WoodCoin Airdrop - CoinRaaj WoodCoin Airdrop, LOG
Rev3al - CoinRaaj Rev3al, REV3AL - CoinRaaj, PAXW
Dash 2 Trade - CoinRaaj Dash 2 Trade, D2T
FlyGuyz - CoinRaaj FlyGuyz, FLYY
GoCrypto Airdrops - CoinRaaj GoCrypto Airdrops, GOC
Tectum - CoinRaaj Tectum, TET
Bonk! - CoinRaaj Bonk!, BONK
Rubic Promo - CoinRaaj Rubic Promo, RBC
Pixels - CoinRaaj Pixels, PIXEL
Sabai Ecoverse - CoinRaaj Sabai Ecoverse, SABAI
RAX World - CoinRaaj RAX World, N/A
fanC - CoinRaaj fanC, FANC
KingPad - CoinRaaj KingPad, KGP
Vinci Protocol - CoinRaaj Vinci Protocol, VIC
JustBam : Get BAM - CoinRaaj JustBam : Get BAM, BAM
ELYSIA Airdrop - CoinRaaj ELYSIA Airdrop, EL
Banger Airdrop - CoinRaaj Banger Airdrop, BANGER
ApeAbu Airdrop - CoinRaaj ApeAbu Airdrop, N/A Airdrop - CoinRaaj Airdrop, SFUND
Meta Arrow - CoinRaaj Meta Arrow, N/A
SubQuery x Juno Integration Airdrop   - CoinRaaj SubQuery x Juno Integration Airdrop , N/A
01 Protocol - CoinRaaj 01 Protocol, N/A
Multibank - CoinRaaj Multibank, N/A
Chains - CoinRaaj Chains, DSSC
NYXS - CoinRaaj NYXS, N/A
ByBit WSOT 2022 Airdrop - CoinRaaj ByBit WSOT 2022 Airdrop, USDT
Onromad Protocol AirDrop  - CoinRaaj Onromad Protocol AirDrop , ONP
SweatCoin - CoinRaaj SweatCoin, SWEATS
Sappchat Airdrop - CoinRaaj Sappchat Airdrop, APP
Integritee Network - CoinRaaj Integritee Network, TEER
Artyfact Airdrop - CoinRaaj Artyfact Airdrop, ARTY
Dexer - CoinRaaj Dexer, DEXER
TalkN Airdrop - CoinRaaj TalkN Airdrop, TLKN
Iskra Airdrop - CoinRaaj Iskra Airdrop, ISK
Revuto - CoinRaaj Revuto, REVU
ASPO World Airdrop - CoinRaaj ASPO World Airdrop, ASPO
Stradall - CoinRaaj Stradall, MTNL
XTON wallet - CoinRaaj XTON wallet, XTON
PlayDapp - CoinRaaj PlayDapp, PLA
WOWmax - CoinRaaj WOWmax, WUT
Wombat - CoinRaaj Wombat, WOMBAT
Rubic X Arbitrum - CoinRaaj Rubic X Arbitrum, RBC