Please do your own research before joining any airdrops project. Also airdrops are 100% free. Don't send any fee for receiving airdrop tokens. Our ranking is simple Higher votes goes to the top for all to see. Stay Safe
Name Votes
Rubic Promo - CoinRaaj Rubic Promo, RBC
Artyfact Airdrop - CoinRaaj Artyfact Airdrop, ARTY
Vinci Protocol - CoinRaaj Vinci Protocol, VIC
Safe - CoinRaaj Safe, SAFE
AilesX Promo - CoinRaaj AilesX Promo, AILESX
Bixbcoin Promo - CoinRaaj Bixbcoin Promo, BIXB
View Protocol Airdrop - CoinRaaj View Protocol Airdrop, VI
Remint Airdrop - CoinRaaj Remint Airdrop, REMINT
Ikonic Promo - CoinRaaj Ikonic Promo, IKONIC
DigiFinex Promo - CoinRaaj DigiFinex Promo, DFT
Nabana Promo - CoinRaaj Nabana Promo, NABANA
CryptoPitch - CoinRaaj CryptoPitch, CPI
SharpSneakers Club - CoinRaaj SharpSneakers Club, SHS
Retrograde - CoinRaaj Retrograde, RETRO
GameStation Promo - CoinRaaj GameStation Promo, GAMER
Karate Combat - CoinRaaj Karate Combat, KARATE
Cross The Ages Airdrop - CoinRaaj Cross The Ages Airdrop, N/A
BlueArt Token Airdrop - CoinRaaj BlueArt Token Airdrop, BLA - CoinRaaj, ACQ
MintWay Airdrop - CoinRaaj MintWay Airdrop, MINTI
Web3Metaverse Airdrop - CoinRaaj Web3Metaverse Airdrop, WMT
Nifty Muslim Promo - CoinRaaj Nifty Muslim Promo, NMC
Project Hive Airdrop - CoinRaaj Project Hive Airdrop, HGT
RaisedX Promo - CoinRaaj RaisedX Promo, N/A
Ideaverse Games Studio Promo - CoinRaaj Ideaverse Games Studio Promo, IDV
PiBridge - CoinRaaj PiBridge, PiB
Odos - CoinRaaj Odos, N/A
AICPrime - CoinRaaj AICPrime, AICP